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Heating furnace and quenching cracks

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Quenching cracks are closely related to the type of heating furnace. The vacuum furnace is least likely to cause quenching cracks. The following are arranged in order of the difficulty and difficulty of producing quenching cracks: electric furnace, salt bath furnace and combustion furnace. It seems that heavy oil furnaces and liquefied petroleum gas furnaces Furnaces are most likely to cause quenching cracks.

As we all know, the vacuum furnace uses radiation heating, so there is no oxidation or decarburization. As for overheating, it will definitely not occur. The surface after plasma surface treatment is not rough, so it is a heating furnace that is not prone to quenching cracks.

The temperature distribution of the electric furnace is relatively uniform, and it is not prone to surface hardening roughness defects such as oxidation and decarburization, so quenching cracks occur less frequently. Burning furnaces that use heavy oil and liquefied petroleum gas as fuel are directly heated by flames, so those in direct contact with the flame Overheating often occurs in places, especially in recent years when excess air flames (oxidizing flames) are used to save energy. This furnace is more likely to cause orange peel defects due to oxidation and decarburization, so it is a furnace with a high incidence of quenching cracks.

In addition, when heavy oil and liquefied petroleum gas are used as fuel, the hydrogen produced by these fuels will invade the surface of the red-hot steel 1018, causing hydrogen embrittlement, thus promoting quenching cracks.

Hydrogen in the furnace gas can do many evil things and is relatively difficult to deal with.

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