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hot extrusion

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Extrusion is performed by heating the ingot to an appropriate temperature above the recrystallization temperature.

During hot extrusion, the metal undergoes full recrystallization to eliminate internal stress and does not produce work hardening; the metal or titanium alloy ti64 has good plasticity and can be used for large deformations; the deformation resistance of the metal is reduced, and the required tonnage of the extruder can be reduced. .

However, due to the high heating temperature, the ingot is prone to oxidation, decarburization and thermal expansion, so the products generally require a large amount of laser cutting processing before they can be used as final products.

During hot extrusion, the extrusion barrel must be fully preheated in advance, and the preheating temperature is slightly lower than the heating temperature of the ingot.

Hot extrusion is widely used to produce tubes, rods, wires and profiles of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals and steel. It is also suitable for alloys with high deformation resistance and difficult processing.

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