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Inventory of 3D printed plastic black technology

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With the continuous research and development of new technologies, “3D printing” has become more and more widely used, such as industrial design, dental and medical industries, construction engineering, information systems, aerospace, etc. 3D printing has slowly penetrated into all aspects of our lives. Bring us convenience and reduce costs.

Today, the editor will take everyone to take a look at the black scientific and technological achievements of 3D printing.

1. A 3D printed water purifier that costs $1

A Paris project called Faircap uses its open source 3D printed water purifier to provide people with clean drinking water to help solve the human water dilemma.

This water purifier can be screwed directly onto the spout of a standard PET kettle and can filter out the dirtiest particles, chemicals, bacteria and viruses in the water.

Making this kind of water purifier is also very simple. You only need to prepare a 3D printer, food grade and FDA-approved PET wire, and download the free STL file.

In the future, Faircap hopes to provide a variety of different models of 3D printed water purifiers to filter sewage from faucets, rivers, lakes, and ponds, while keeping its cost at about $1.

2. Plastic heart model, “white mouse” may be “unemployed”

In terms of biological 3D printing, the Washington Pediatric Medical Center in the United States used 3D printing technology to print the world’s first human heart with “plastic”, and made this heart beating like a normal human heart.

Laura Olivieri, an American pediatric cardiologist, introduced that the main material of the 3D heart printed this time is plastic. After inputting patient data into the device, the printer can create a layer of replicated heart samples layer by layer. The advantage of this is that surgeons can use these 3D printed hearts to practice complex operations.

Inventory of 3D printed plastic black technology

3.3D printed kayak successfully “tested sailing”

An engineer named Jim Smith used 3D printing technology to create the world’s first 3D printed kayak and successfully launched it.

This “kayak” is assembled from 28 pieces of colorful ABS plastic. Each part is made by a 3D printer and then bolted together. The production time takes 42 days.

The finished ship is 5.08 meters long, 0.52 meters wide, and has a total weight of 29.29 kg. The ABS part weighs 26.48 kg, the brass threaded part weighs 0.86 kg, and the bolt weighs 2.068 kg. The total cost is only 500 US dollars.

4. The printed car can not only see but also run

On October 10, 2014, the world’s first 3D printed car “Strady” took to the streets of New York for trial. The whole car is made of carbon fiber and plastic, using “3D printing technology.”

“Strady” has only two seats, the production cycle is 44 hours, the whole car only uses 40 parts, and the top speed can reach 80 kilometers per hour. “Strady” relies on electric energy. It only takes 3.5 hours to charge a battery and can travel about 100 kilometers.

5.3D printing plastic can make rocket engines

The MIT rocket team used nylon and a 3D printer to create a plastic rocket engine.

In the first ignition experiment, the engine started successfully! Although there was a little wear at the engine nozzle after ignition, at least it did not melt or explode in high temperatures.

Researchers claim that the use of nylon is an option, more due to the necessity of financial constraints. But the team also proved that it is feasible to use plastic 3D printing engines.

At present, the team is studying larger and more durable engines. Eventually, they will create a plastic shell rocket, and such a rocket has enough power to ensure that the rocket completes its flight mileage.

What is the origin of such a magical 3D printing?

3D printing technology, also known as rapid prototyping technology, is based on digital model files and can use special materials to quickly construct object structures through layer-by-layer printing.

Analysis of development prospects

Social scientists believe that 3D printing, as a new processing technology, will change the mass production method represented by the assembly line generated by the second industrial revolution, transform product production to individualization and customization, and realize the fundamental way of production. change.

At present, it is a critical moment for my country’s manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade and make efforts to intelligent manufacturing. As a kind of automated production, 3D printing is regarded as the future of industrial manufacturing and will become an important representative of high-end manufacturing.

At present, the global 3D printing industry is experiencing bottlenecks in the development of technology, materials and applications, and China is no exception. Therefore, to develop the 3D printing industry, domestic companies still need to work hard to improve the level of 3D printing.

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