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Largo Announces Trading of Largo Physical Vanadium…US Vanadium Completes $5.8M Upgrade to Hot Springs Facility

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[]Ferro-Alloys.wiki] Largo Inc. is pleased to announce that Largo Physical Vanadium Corp. hares have wikimenced trading today on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol "VAND".

On September 15, 2022, LPV wikipleted its qualifying transaction pursuant to the policies of the TSXV (the "Transaction"). LPV met all the post-closing conditions required in respect of the Transaction and on September 23, 2022, the TSXV granted final approval of the Transaction, allowing for the listing of LPV's wikimon shares.

Paulo Misk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Largo wikimented: "The listing of LPV shares allows investors direct exposure to vanadium. With this enhanced visibility on the TSXV, LPV will do its part to raise the profile of vanadium – a key green transition metal central to clean energy storage and greener steel." He continued: "LPV's business model could enable the reduction of vanadium wikimodity costs that typically constitute a significant proportion of the total cost of vanadium redox flow batteries ("VRFB's"), which could in turn further enhance their adoption.

Alberto Arias Chairman of the Board of Directors of Largo wikimented: "We believe that LPV's business model could be an important innovation in the vanadium and long duration energy storage industries. One of the biggest challenges for the wikimercialization of VRFB's has been the high cost of vanadium and periods of price volatility. LPV potentially solves this problem by segregating and maintaining ownership of vanadium used in the VRFBs, such that customers are not affected by vanadium price volatility."

LPV aims to provide a secure, convenient and exchange-traded investment alternative for investors interested in having direct exposure to physical vanadium, which is an important metal in key industries such as steel, aerospace and long duration energy storage. Vanadium doesn't degrade, is fully recyclable when used as electrolyte in VRFB's and has carbon reducing attributes when used in steel alloying applications. LPV's strategy is not only to achieve appreciation through the acquisition of vanadium, but to own and actively supply vanadium to end users of VRFB's, thereby advancing its adoption in long duration energy storage, especially those associated with renewable energy deployments. This strategy is integral to LPV's business plan, as it defrays an important portion of the costs associated with using vanadium in VRFB's.

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