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lost foam casting

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Lost foam casting (also known as real mold casting) is to bond and combine foam models similar in size and shape to the castings into model clusters. After brushing with refractory paint and drying, they are buried in dry quartz sand and vibrated to shape, and poured under negative pressure. , a new casting method that vaporizes the model, the liquid metal occupies the position of the model, and solidifies and cools to form a casting.

Lost foam casting has the following characteristics:

1. Castings are of good quality and low cost. The material is not limited and all sizes are suitable; high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, less cleaning and saving on machining; internal defects are greatly reduced, and the structure is dense.

2. Large-scale and mass production can be achieved. Automated assembly lines are environmentally friendly. It can greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and reduce energy consumption.

3. Compared with traditional metal casting technology, lost foam casting technology has unparalleled advantages and is hailed as “the casting technology of the 21st century” and “the green revolution of the foundry industry” by the domestic and foreign casting circles.

4. In 1999, the Ministry of Science and Technology listed lost foam casting technology as a high-tech technology promoted by the country. In recent years, lost foam casting technology has become the most widely used high-tech technology at home and abroad to transform the traditional casting industry.

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