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my country’s plastic pipe industry trends and development directions

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Industry Status
In 2005, my country’s plastic pipe industry developed rapidly, and various economic and technical indicators improved significantly compared with the previous year. According to incomplete statistics, the national plastic pipe output was more than 2.4 million tons throughout the year, with exports of 188,300 tons and foreign exchange earnings of US$412 million. Compared with previous years, the industry development in 2005 mainly has the following characteristics:
1. The development of large enterprises is accelerating. It is understood that among the new production capacity in 2005, a large proportion of the enterprises that already had certain strength expanded their scale, and there were also many enterprises expanding production in other places.
2. The industrial concentration is relatively high. Production enterprises are mainly concentrated in coastal and economically developed areas, and the combined production capacity and output of enterprises in Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian account for more than one-third of the national total. Driven by local demand, some companies are still increasing investment in hot spots.
3. Industry self-discipline work is increasingly valued by enterprises. Large-scale enterprises strive to strengthen corporate management and quality management, which has led to the improvement of the overall level of the industry. Although the quality of products on the market is still not optimistic, industry self-discipline work has been taken seriously, and the product quality of most large-scale enterprises has been greatly improved.
4. The new product development work of some large-scale enterprises is gradually strengthening. In addition to the continued growth of general plastic pipes such as PVC-U, PE, and PP, the development of some new materials and new varieties has made great progress, and the research and development of composite pipes has also been further strengthened. The research and development of new products has further expanded the application fields of plastic pipes, and the proportion of applications in municipal water supply and drainage, agricultural (water supply, irrigation and drainage), gas, aluminum nitride ceramic heating shaped block, urban non-excavation construction, mining and other industries has increased significantly. However, because users do not understand the real situation, it affects the application of PVC water supply pipes.
5. 2003 and 2004 were very difficult years for PVC-U pipe manufacturers. In 2005, domestic PVC raw material prices dropped relatively sharply, which improved the operating conditions of many PVC-U pipe companies, and their profits and sales volume improved. All have improved. For PE pipe processing enterprises, the situation is quite different. As raw material prices remain high, although output has increased, profit margins have dropped significantly. Some companies increased their output by 20% in 2005, but their profit levels were not as high as in 2004.
main problem
With the rapid development of the plastic pipe industry, there are also some problems. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. The technical level and product development capabilities still need to be improved. There are many general products and few high-tech and high value-added products. Similar general products and mid-to-low-end products that everyone can produce on the market account for the majority. High-end products and There is a relative lack of supporting products.
2. The development speed is very fast, but the production capacity of some varieties is currently greater than the demand. Some companies have invested heavily and their production capacity cannot be effectively used. This phenomenon should arouse more thinking in the industry. Without a large expansion of applications, the continued increase in production capacity will only make industry competition more intense. .
3. Marketing work needs to be improved, and applications and supporting technologies need to be further improved. Industry, product promotion, science popularization and other aspects are not in place. Some users still do not understand how to construct and supervise plastic pipes according to regulations and other knowledge that should be popularized, which affects the rational use of plastic pipes and the expansion of application fields. Moreover, the product application market is relatively concentrated, and we need to be more proactive in exploring new application markets.
4. Some types of raw materials remain at high prices, which restricts the development of the plastic pipe industry. Generally, the price of raw materials accounts for about 70% of the cost of plastic pipes, so the resin industry has a huge impact on the plastic pipe industry. For the plastic pipe industry, relatively stable raw material prices are crucial, and the ups and downs in prices put companies in a situation that they cannot cope with. At present, because some raw material varieties cannot be produced domestically or cannot meet demand, the price of raw materials for plastic pipes such as PE special materials remains high. However, due to intensified competition, the price of plastic pipes has not increased much.
5. The market is not standardized, and the quality of some products is worrying, which greatly affects the healthy development of the industry. The similarity of products and oversupply have led to intensified competition. Some companies have adopted methods such as cutting corners and passing off inferior products to participate in vicious competition. The lack of management and irregularity in the market has objectively left a certain chance for shoddy, fake and shoddy products to survive. Space makes a big gap in the quality of products on the market.
Application areas and prospects
During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the plastic pipe industry still has very rare development opportunities and bright prospects. The application market will continue to expand and will grow at a rate of more than 10%. Among them, PVC-U, PE, PP and other general plastics Pipes are the main variety.
Relevant national policies guide the further promotion and application of plastic pipes. The “National Chemical Building Materials Industry Tenth Five-Year Plan and the 2010 Development Plan Outline”, the Ministry of Construction’s “Announcement on the Release of (Ministry of Construction’s Promotion of Application and Restriction of Prohibited Use of Technologies)” (Ministry of Construction No. 218) and other relevant documents proposed various plastics Pipeline application fields and development goals. Some experts suggest that during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the main products of the plastic pipe industry should meet market demand, the product variety should be complete, the quality, grade and supporting level should be significantly improved, and the overall industry level should reach or be close to the international advanced level. The promotion and application of plastic pipes should achieve the following goals: by 2010, the market share of plastic pipes in various types of pipes across the country will reach more than 60%. Among them, 80% of building water supply pipes will use plastic pipes, and 80% of building drainage pipes will use plastic pipes. 70% of building rainwater drainage pipes are made of plastic pipes, 90% of building wire threading sheathing pipes are made of plastic pipes, 70% of urban water supply pipes are made of plastic pipes, 50% of urban drainage pipes are made of plastic pipes, and 60% of urban gas pipes are made of plastic pipes.
The country attaches great importance to the issue of building a conservation-oriented society. The “four sections” of energy saving, water saving, material saving and land saving will promote a larger application market for plastic pipes. Many opportunities such as pipe network renovation, sewage treatment, and gray water pipe network design to increase sewage reuse in buildings will greatly promote the further promotion and application of plastic pipes.
The rapid development of urbanization and small town construction has promoted the acceleration of infrastructure construction and brought new opportunities to various pipelines. The area of new buildings in cities and rural areas is approximately 1 billion square meters each year.
The application of large-diameter buried plastic pipes for drainage and sewage treatment will still maintain a high growth rate. As the country attaches increasing importance to environmental protection, the country will invest heavily in the construction of many urban sewage treatment plants and drainage pipe networks in the next few years. In 2010, it is planned that the amount of gray water used for sewage recycling should reach 30% of the total sewage, and special transmission pipelines need to be laid.
Rural safe drinking water projects and irrigation and drainage projects also require a large number of plastic pipes. Our country plans to basically solve the problem of rural drinking water safety by 202t.
Despite macroeconomic adjustments, our country is still in a period of rapid economic development. The development of the west, the revitalization of the northeast, as well as a large number of world-famous large-scale construction projects such as the South-to-North Water Diversion Project and the Beijing Olympic venues invested and constructed in recent years, as well as energy, transportation, Key construction projects such as communications, water conservancy, urban infrastructure construction, environmental transformation, urban commercial centers, and residential construction will also drive greater development of the plastic pipe industry.
In addition, the increase in domestic PVC resin production capacity and output will keep raw materials at a more reasonable price, and will also make the sales price of PVC-U pipes more advantageous than some other materials, with better cost performance, which will promote PVC-U pipes. Increase in the application of U pipes. The development and stable production of high-grade raw materials such as PEl00 by domestic resin manufacturers will also benefit PE pipe manufacturers and users. Analyzing industry development has the following trends:
1. Industries and enterprises will pay more attention to the construction of their own brands. Brand competition will gradually replace product price competition, and the industry reshuffle may come early. The survival of the fittest will lead to the reorganization of industry resources. The result will be that the market will Gradually standardize.
2. The development of the industry has led some foreign companies to join the competition in the domestic plastic pipe industry. This will promote the improvement of new product development capabilities. Domestic plastic pipe companies should increase their efforts in innovation so that their vitality can continue to grow. When foreign companies enter, they can also drive the sales of domestic products abroad.
3. Due to the influence of the hygienic performance of heat stabilizers and other aspects, the growth rate of PVC pipes may be slower than that of PE and other types of pipes, but it still has its inherent market. The development of lead-free heat stabilizers for all PVC pipes may be accelerated.
4. Modified materials and new materials with better functions will appear faster. In order to take advantage of alumina ceramic materials and structures, pipes will gradually shift from single materials to high-impact and modified composite materials to improve the overall performance of the pipe or improve a certain aspect of its characteristics. Because composite pipes can concentrate the characteristics of multiple materials and solve some practical problems in engineering, they will receive more attention from enterprises.
5. Due to the advantages of trenchless technology construction, such as saving investment, fast construction speed, and no need to excavate the road surface, it has become the best choice for pipeline construction in urban main roads and urban bustling areas. Plastic pipes such as PE are used in trenchless technology. It has obvious advantages in construction and will therefore receive widespread attention.
6. As my country’s urbanization accelerates, municipal pipeline construction projects increase. Municipal water supply and drainage, gas pipelines, urban underground power and communication sheathed pipelines, and municipal plastic pipelines will become the focus of development in recent years.
In addition, plastic pipes for some special applications such as mining, petroleum, and submarine transportation media will also have great room for development.

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