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Nozzle design considerations

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It is mainly determined based on the production capacity of the steelmaking workshop, raw material conditions, oxygen supply capacity, water cooling conditions, and the capacity of the furnace gas purification equipment.
At the same time, taking into account parameters such as the height, diameter, and depth of the furnace, determine the number of holes, Mach number at the nozzle outlet, and the diameter of the oxygen stream. For situations such as high scrap ratio in raw materials, high phosphorus molten iron smelting, or the need for secondary combustion to increase temperature, special consideration needs to be given to the design of the oxygen lance nozzle.
Determine the oxygen flow rate (Nm3/h), nozzle Mach number, operating oxygen pressure (MPa), nozzle hole number, throat diameter (mm), nozzle outlet diameter (mm), nozzle angle, etc. based on the above factors.

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