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Oiling is intended to prevent steel plates from rusting. The oil should not deteriorate within one year under dry storage conditions at room temperature; it can be easily removed by the alkaline oiling agent used before painting.

Oil is not allowed to be present in the automotive parts where some finished workpieces need to be pasted. It is unreasonable in terms of economy, safety and preservation to partially remove oil from the workpiece, so oil-free boards are generally used. However, oil-free galvanized sheets are extremely manufactured and require stricter storage conditions.

That is, ventilation, no harmful gases and dust, and relative humidity not greater than 70%. For oil products, mineral oil-type anti-rust oil (solvent-based) is generally used. When stored, the plate’s own weight will overlap and it will not evaporate easily. After being made into metal stamping brass, they will naturally look clean.

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