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Reasons why carbon fiber is so popular

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Reasons why carbon fiber is so popular

In most people’s impressions, carbon fiber is more associated with rail transportation, industrial products, etc. With the shortage of high carbon fiber, it not only affects the automotive field, medical equipment and other fields, but also plays a certain role in promoting the development of some civil industries.
The reason why carbon fiber is so popular is that it is undeniable that the demand for carbon fiber in the lightweight field is more urgent, but from the current development trend, my country’s acceleration of the carbon fiber process is largely due to the increase in lightweight demand. Carbon fiber is mainly used in combination with resin and other matrix materials to form a composite material. Because carbon fiber composite material has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good stability, and has a small thermal expansion coefficient, light weight and high strength, it has become an ideal basic material for many modern products. . This high-performance carbon fiber raw material is expensive and can be said to be a luxury in the civilian field, but with the improvement of performance requirements, it has also been widely used in the civilian field.
According to the Be-cu prototype editor, carbon fiber materials are currently developing rapidly in the field of sporting goods, including basic repairs, updates, automotive braking systems, drive shafts, and industrial robotic arms. The rapidly growing industrial demand will also be the new main application field of carbon fiber.
China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of carbon fiber components such as R&D and manufacturing of rail transit, automobile industry, medical equipment, etc. The products produced by the company are made of raw materials from well-known brands such as Taiwan and Japan, and the quality is guaranteed.

ISO 9001 certified. BE-CU Prototype Offering CNC machining carbon fiber and other manufacturing services for carbon fiber marterial. Various capabilities include notching, labeling, drilling carbon fiber, grinding, laser cutting carbon fiber, finishing, plating, marking, CNC milling carbon fiber and turning carbon fiber.We stock high quality 3k carbon fiber sheet in a variety of thickness, types and finish. Its a great material used in applications where light weight and strength are needed such as drones. Unlike other workshops, we have no min order and are often filling orders with a single part. We also don’t make you pay for the full sheet and you only get charged for what is used. With a large selection of material, you should find everything you need to make your project come to life. We are also able to handle larger production runs and provide a competitive pricing. If we don’t have the material or finish you require, we are more the willing to look at bringing it in for you.

What Is Carbon Fiber?Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (or pitch, viscose) and other organic fibers by carbonization (removal of most elements except carbon) by pyrolysis method under inert gas at high temperature above 1,000 °C. Inorganic polymer fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%.

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