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ribbon carbide

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The crystallization segregation formed when high-carbon chromium copper parts ingots are cooled, and the carbide-enriched zones that extend during hot rolling deformation are called banded carbides, which are granular and distributed along streamlines after hot rolling.

The more severe the carbide segregation of the steel ingot, the larger and denser the band-shaped carbide particles in the hot-rolled material without diffusion annealing will be.

. The larger the ingot shape and the higher the pouring temperature, the more serious the carbide segregation in the steel ingot will be.

Before hot rolling, the steel ingot undergoes long-term high-temperature diffusion annealing (longer heating above 1150°C), and the band-like carbides can be improved, but cannot be completely eliminated.

Severe band carbide will cause defects such as uneven hardness and structure of bearings and other  brass parts after quenching and tempering.

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