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The production process of cold-rolled strips is to remove foreign matter such as rolling oil, machine oil, iron dust and dust attached to the surface of cold-rolled strips before annealing. Degreasing methods include chemical cleaning (solvent cleaning, alkali cleaning, surfactant cleaning and emulsion cleaning, etc.), physical cleaning (immersion cleaning, roller brush and water spray cleaning), electrolytic cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, etc. The best combination of these methods can achieve the best cleaning results. The most commonly used methods in cold rolled strip cleaning lines are alkali degreasing and electrolytic degreasing. Alkali degreasing uses alkali solution to remove grease. There are roughly two methods:

(1) Soaking method. The steel plate and strip are immersed in a high-temperature alkali solution, so that the surface attachments react chemically with the alkali solution and are cleaned away. The equipment used in the soaking method is simple and low in cost, but its cleaning ability is poor.

(2) Washing and spraying method. It sprays high-temperature alkali liquid at high pressure on the surface of the plate and stainless steel alloy split circlip, and at the same time uses a cleaning roller to brush the surface of the electroplating cold rolled steel plate chassis accessories and strip steel. This method has strong cleaning ability. Electrodegreasing relies on the mechanical stirring force of hydrogen and oxygen generated by electrolysis between the strip and the electrode in high-temperature alkaline solution to clean the surface of the strip. The electrolytic degreasing ability is very strong and the cleaning time can be significantly shortened. Suitable for large-volume cold-rolled strip production.

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