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Slag retaining tank slag retaining method

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This method was developed by Japan’s Kawasaki Steel Company and can separate the molten slag during tapping of the converter. The tank used for slag blocking in this method has a bottom hole with a diameter of about 200n, and slag blocking balls or other slag blocking devices are used to intercept the slag.

When tapping, first pour molten steel directly into the ladle. Lmin before the end of tapping, place the preheated slag tank on the ladle, and then pour the molten steel into the slag tank. After confirming that the slag has entered the tank, take Slag cutting measures. The characteristic of this kind of slag-retaining tank is that the hole at the bottom of the tank is easier to maintain than the steel tap hole of the converter, and the slag and steel can be effectively separated.

This method can reduce the thickness of the slag layer in the ladle to 20-30mm without reducing the molten steel yield. By preheating the slag tank, the temperature drop of the molten steel can be controlled to less than 10°C; the disadvantage is that the molten steel yield is The slag tank needs to be preheated, which will increase energy consumption and auxiliary facilities.

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