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The development process of cold extrusion technology at home and abroad

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Modern cold extrusion technology began at the end of the 18th century. The French began cold extrusion by extruding lead from small holes into bullets during the French Revolution. In 1830, some people in France began to use mechanical presses to manufacture lead pipes and tin pipes by back-extrusion. In 1906, in order to manufacture brass suit buttons in the United States, someone had already obtained the patent right to extrude hollow cup-shaped blanks. In 1909, the American patented the Hooker method-the forward punching method. The metal flow direction is the same as the punching direction. It was developed after buying the 1906 patent. The cup-shaped blank in the patent is drawn Made in deep law. In the First World War, the Hooker method was used to manufacture the brass shells. In 1934, before the Second World War, the Germans used this method to try out the steel shells, but they were not successful due to severe thermal adhesion. It was not until the middle of the Second World War that a new surface lubrication treatment method was used-a phosphate film was formed on the surface of the workpiece, and the extrusion method to manufacture steel bullet casings was successful. Since then, cold extrusion technology has become practical and has become the most widely used method in cold forging technology. To
In the 1960s, the growth of the Japanese automobile industry created favorable conditions for the development of cold extrusion technology. From the perspective of cold extrusion equipment, since 1933, Japan Aitian Co., Ltd. produced Japan’s first 2000kN PK type precision press (toggle bar press). So far, it has produced more than 2000 sets of PK series pressure. machine. With the development of the automobile industry, the requirements for high-precision presses have become more and more urgent, and Aida Co., Ltd. has successfully developed various forging presses. At the same time, Japan Komatsu has developed the LIC and LZC series cold forging presses with the goal of high precision and easy operation. To
From the perspective of cold extrusion products, Japan successfully cold extruded the starting clutch gears, drive shaft splines, and alternator pole cores in the 1970s. In the 1980s, it successfully cold extruded high-precision parts such as outer races, inner races, cross shafts, and bevel gears of automobile differentials. It has made a great contribution to the high performance of Japanese cars and the reduction of production costs. To
China’s cold extrusion technology is comparable to Japan’s start-up time. In the 1970s, China promoted cold extrusion production technology in mass-produced products such as bicycles and automobile electrical appliances, and also successfully developed the extrusion forming of starter gears and put them into mass production. However, since it has not fundamentally solved a series of technical problems such as the original size, original state, and post-processing of the process, equipment, materials, molds, lubrication, automation devices, and the blanks, it has not been greatly developed. In the 1980s, with the rapid development of the home appliance and automobile and motorcycle industries, and the introduction, digestion and absorption of cold extrusion process equipment and production technology, scientific researchers overcame many difficulties in cold extrusion technology through production practices. Forging equipment has also been greatly developed. At present, China has been able to use cold extrusion technology to produce watch cases, bicycle flywheels, bottom brackets, precision forged gears, constant velocity joints for automobiles, spark plugs and piston pins for internal combustion engines, automobile tappets, camera parts, and automobile starter orientation Sleeves, starting gears, etc., have reached the same level abroad.

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