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Titanium alloy: to create a world aerospace dream(2)

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3. Low temperature titanium alloy

With the continuous expansion of the exploration distance of the universe, the application of titanium alloys in low-temperature environments has become more and more extensive, and the lower the temperature, the greater the strength of titanium alloys, so research in this area is of strategic significance. After experiments, it is found that the intermediate elements such as H and O can be screened out in the titanium alloy, which can improve the low temperature performance. The newly developed titanium alloy LT600 in Japan can adapt to the 25K temperature environment, and the plasticity and fracture toughness can be well matched. To manufacture liquid hydrogen pumps. my country's low-temperature titanium alloy research and development and application are at the world's leading level. The latest titanium alloy A7ELI has higher strength and better plasticity, which satisfies the requirements of spacecraft for thickness.

4. Cast titanium alloy

The outstanding feature of cast titanium alloy is its excellent corrosion resistance and easy welding. However, in the casting process, because the melting point of titanium metal itself is relatively high, the chemical properties are very active, and it is easy to chemically react with air and other materials during welding. , Resulting in embrittlement of titanium alloy, which restricts the development of casting titanium alloy technology. After a long period of unremitting experiments and research, it was finally found that the titanium alloy 5Al can meet the requirements of production. At present, there are about 15 scientific research units in my country engaged in the production of titanium alloys. The types of cast titanium alloys have also developed to 10, and the application range covers Multiple components such as compressor, mounting base and rectifier.

5. Powdered titanium alloy

Although the advantages of titanium alloys are obvious, due to the high price, various considerations are required when applying them, and large-scale purchases cannot be made. For a long time, many countries in the world have conducted a lot of research on how to reduce the manufacturing cost of titanium alloys, and finally developed a powder metallurgy technology, and realized commercial application. For example, in the United States, many companies already have the technology to produce powdered titanium alloys and have achieved large-scale production.

Many departments in my country have also unanimously recognized the advantages of powdered titanium alloys, and have developed different types of titanium alloy products, which are used in impellers and rudder core frames. It is worth mentioning that small-scale experiments have also been carried out on the application of low-temperature powder titanium alloys in spacecraft engines, and according to the requirements of static load , breakthroughs in the study of thin-walled cabins have been carried out and simulations have begun on the ground. The test flight, especially the tensile properties of the powder titanium alloy, greatly exceeded the national standard.

Titanium alloy: to create a world aerospace dream(2)

As an emerging metal material, titanium alloy is widely used in spacecraft due to its own performance advantages. Especially today, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is necessary to make full use of advanced technology in the research and development of titanium alloys and continue to explore, be brave to innovate, and improve titanium alloy manufacturing technology.

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