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Universal rolling mill

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A profile rolling mill consisting of a pair of horizontal rollers and a pair of vertical rollers with the roller axes in the same vertical plane. The vertical roller can be an active roller or a passive roller, but the linear speed of the roller surface must be consistent with that of the horizontal roller.

A two-roll horizontal rolling mill is often set up behind or in front of the universal rolling mill (called the main machine) as an auxiliary forming stand (i.e., the edge rolling mill). The main and auxiliary machines are both reversible rolling mills (see H-shaped steel). Continuous rolling is formed during the production facilities . The process of producing steel beams using a universal rolling mill is shown in the figure.

The advantages of the universal rolling mill are: (1) The complex cross-sectional profile composed of four rollers can compress all components on the cross-section of the rolled piece at the same time, so the deformation of the rolled piece is relatively uniform, and the speed of each part on the cross-section of the rolled piece is The difference is small; the internal stress of the rolled piece is small;

(2) Small-diameter rollers can be used to roll large steel products. For example, I-beams with wider legs and higher waists can be rolled out, and H-beams with no slope on the inside of the legs can be rolled;

(3) The reduction amount of the legs and waist can be adjusted independently, which simplifies the adjustment work of the rolling mill. Compared with the conventional rolling method, the output can be increased by 1.8 times, the operating rate can be increased by 10%, and the roll consumption can be reduced by 20%.

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