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Various methods for judging tension

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(1) Current judgment method. By using the fluctuation of the current index corresponding to each frame during investment casting steel biting, it is determined whether there is tension or thrust between frames.
(2) Rod strike and toggle rolling method. Use an iron rod to strike or move the midpoint of the rolled piece between the frames, and observe the vibration of the rolled piece based on hand feel. You can determine the tension between the racks.
(3) Rolling torque judgment method. Determine the tension between the two adjacent frames based on the torque changes before and after biting the rolled piece.
(4) R-factor deviation method. By observing the variation of R coefficient during rolling, we can grasp or adjust the tension between stands.
(5) Observation method. By observing the shaking of the rolled piece during biting and rolling, as well as the transition during the rolling Tailored machining, the magnitude of the tension can be determined.
(6) Size judgment method. By sampling and measuring, the tension situation is determined based on the change in cross-sectional size after the tail of the rolled piece loses tension.
(7) Speed change discrimination method. By observing the speed variation of the looper unit on the entire piece during actual rolling, the tension situation of the coarse and intermediate rolling units can be well distinguished

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