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Wait until hot

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The phenomenon in which a rolling mill stops operating because there is no hot material to roll. In the blooming workshop, it means that the blooming mill stops operating because the soaking furnace cannot medical sensor power supply housinghot steel ingots that meet the rolling requirements on time.

The main measures to solve the problem of overheating include:

(1) Match the production capacity of the soaking furnace with the production capacity of the rolling mill;

(2) Improve the operating rate of the soaking furnace and shorten the maintenance time;

(3) Increase the charging temperature and hot charging rate of steel ingots and shorten the heating time of steel ingots;

(4) Strengthen production planning and scheduling to reduce empty furnaces and waiting time for rolling;

(5) Use rapid steel burning method to meet the temporary needs of the rolling mill;

(6) Improve the technical operation level of the soaking furnace and shorten the time for steel ingots to be discharged from the furnace and the time for slag discharge.

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