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What are the advantages and disadvantages of swing doors

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Advantages of swing doors

  • Good airtightness: When the swing door first appeared, it was the original shape of the door. At that time, it was required to effectively prevent wind, sand, dust, or other impurities from entering the house, so the sealing performance was required to be high. Swing doors have more layer of glue around the sides than other doors, which can effectively block them when in use.
  • High safety: The safety performance of swing doors is higher than other types. The swing door can be installed with a lock when in use, and for the average family, the swing door is made of relatively strong materials, which is very convenient and safe to use.
  • Many materials: There are many materials for making swing doors. Various materials such as wood, glass, plastic and so on can be used to make swing doors. Therefore, in terms of price, there are more choices for swing doors. Each family or enterprise can choose the price and materials of the hinged door according to its own conditions.

Swing door disadvantages

  • Single style. Regarding the swing door, its application method is very simple, while its style will be relatively simple. The swing door can only be used by flat pulling, which is destined to be only within one scale. And must meet the height of the door frame.
  • Low space utilization rate: The use of swing doors requires a certain amount of space to be occupied, and the occupied space cannot be used twice. This is very inconvenient for small-sized apartment owners who may require relatively high space. Moreover, the requirements for hardware fittings of side-hung doors are relatively high. Because of frequent use, the utilization rate of door cutters is very high. It is necessary to choose better quality, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the door.

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