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What is 16MN steel? What are the application ranges of 16MN steel?

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16Mn is a material in steel. A name for steel in the past. However, since the hardening tendency of 16Mn steel is slightly greater than that of low carbon steel, preheating measures need to be taken to prevent cold cracks when welding at low temperatures (such as open-air operations in winter) or on structures with large rigidity and thickness.

Preheating temperature of 16Mn steel under different plate thicknesses and different ambient temperatures: weldment thickness (mm) Preheating thermometer under different temperatures (°C): no preheating below 16°C and no lower than -10°C, preheating below -10°C 100~150℃; 16~24 Not lower than -5℃ without preheating, below -5℃ preheated at 100~150℃; 25~40 Not lower than 0℃ without preheating, below 0℃ preheated at 100~150℃ ; Preheating is 100~150℃ for all temperatures above 40℃. E50 type electrodes should be used for hand arc welding of 16Mn steel, such as alkaline electrodes E5015 and E5016. For unimportant structures, acidic electrodes E5003 and E5001 can also be used. For weldments with small thickness and narrow grooves, E4315 and E4316 electrodes can be used.

When submerged arc welding of 16Mn steel, H08MnA welding wire is used with flux HJ431 (I-shaped groove butt joint) or H10Mn2 welding wire is used with flux HJ431 (middle plate bevel butt joint).

When deep groove welding of thick plates is required, H08MnMoA welding wire and flux HJ431 should be used.

16Mn steel is currently the most widely used low alloy steel in my country. The 16Mn steel used to manufacture welded structures are 16MnR and 16Mng steel. C: 0.13~0.19 Si: 0.20~0.60 Mn: 1.20~1.60 Cr≤0.30 P≤0.030 S≤0.030 Ni≤0.30 Cu≤0.2516Mn steel pipe calculation formula: [(outer diameter-wall thickness)*wall thickness]*0.02466= kg/meter (weight per meter) Main features: good comprehensive performance, good low temperature performance, cool stamping performance, good welding performance and good machinability. Application examples: various machinery such as mining, transportation, chemical industry, etc.

16Mn density 16Mn steel plate density 16Mn density is 7.85, 16Mn laser cutting plate sheet density is 7.85 16Mn standard 16Mn standard, 16Mn is the brand of low alloy high strength structural steel in the old national standard GB/T1591-1988, and the brand in the new national standard GB/T1591-2008 It is Q345 (Q345 has 5 quality levels, Q345A~Q345E). Q345A corresponds to the American ASTM grade Gr·50.

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