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What is DH2F steel? What are the applications of DH2F steel?

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The DH2F steel produced by Japan’s Datong Steel Co., Ltd. is a pre-hardened hot-worked mold steel. It is pre-hardened to HRC37-42 at the factory. DH2F can meet the needs of rapid mold making. It is often used in various aluminum-magnesium-zinc die-casting molds. High-hard plastic Mould. Such as: mobile phone shell mould, automobile lamp mould and engine mould.  (C:0.39)





(V:0.35)   has been pre-hardened to 37~42HRC, no need for heat treatment

Suitable for molds and parts with complex shapes and precision

Excellent cutting performance, easy to process and engrave

It is expected to shorten the mold processing cycle and reduce the cost

If surface treatment is applied, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance can be further improved.    1. Aluminum, zinc die-casting mold

2. Die casting mold parts

3. Press chamber punch

4. Sprue sleeve

5. Plastic mold

6. Aluminum hot extrusion mould

7. Stamping die

8. Unloading board

9. Various mechanical parts    Forging temperature °C Heat treatment conditions °C Hardness Transformation point °C

Annealing Quenching Tempering Annealing HB Quenching and tempering HRC Ac Ar Ms

1100~850 840~870

Air cooling 1000~1050

Air cooling 600~680 Air cooling ≤229 40 845~910 280

(Austrian Ironization)


Factory state: HRC37-42

Tool material Tool shape Cutting oil Infeed amount Cut depth Cutting speed
Sample size
Lifetime benchmark
Milling cutter M20 NP-100R None 0.075mm blade 1.5mm 66~165 80*50*200 40 VBax=0.3mm
Drill head SKH51 Taper Shank Drill Bit
None 0.1mm/rev Hole depth 30mm 20~40 80*50*200 40 Tool melting loss
Friction speed (m/sec) Abrasion (mm2Kgf10-7)
0.20 3.76 3.50
0.51 5.24 5.56
0.94 3.50 5.24
1.63 3.03 5.56
1.97 4.04 5.24
2.38 4.61 5.24
Steel grade Quality before test
Quality after test
Melt loss
(gr) (%)
DH2F 27.33 23.18 4.15 15.2
SKD61 27.12 23.39 3.73 13.9


Steel grade 20~100℃ 20~200℃ 20~300℃ 20~400℃ 20~500℃ 20~600℃ 20~700℃
DH2F 8.9 10.8 11.9 12.6 13.1 13.7 13.9
SKD61 8.6 10.1 11.4 12.2 12.8 13.3 13.6

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