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2018 Mid-year Meeting

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2018 Mid-year Meeting



Last Friday, Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd. held the 2018 mid-year meeting at Nanbei Lake beauty spot, which has mountains and water.



First half of this year, we has finished the 72% of the goal which set at the beginning of year. We expect to finish twice as much as the sales volume of last year.

The theme of this year is ‘high efficiency’. During this time, everyone followed this rule. We set up good habits, used time management tools, listing tools. It’s the efficient rule that gives us such a good sale. Every department summed up the shortage during this time.



Second half of the year, we set a new goal. Everyone has customized their own plans and goals. We are full of hope and confidence in our work in the second half of the year.



After the meeting, we played some team building activities. Fantastic sights, exciting games. We spent a wonderful two days.


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