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400 series of stainless steel mature applications

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Cold-rolled 400 series stainless steel plate:

Automobile exhaust system (US 35%, European Union 40%, Japan 100%), high temperature section above 600 ℃, considering the thermal fatigue, for the exhaust straight pipe 

(409L, 436L, 444) before the muffler, (439,441,429); household appliances industry: microwave oven interior (430), washing machine barrels (430,439,430J1), liquid crystal display panels); 

gas appliances solar water heaters (444); decorative materials industry: balcony railings solar water heater doors (439, 440 ); Construction industry: roofing materials (445,446 M), combined 

water tank (444); refrigerated container shell (409L, 430), coinage and so on. At present the hospital also began to use 430 steel production of anatomical platform, disinfection pool.

Hot Rolled 400 Series Stainless Steel Coil Board:

Railway wagons, steam turbine blades, metallurgical equipment and tableware, manufacturing industry knife and fork, tool knives, high strength martensitic stainless steel for thermal power 

accessories, ferrite stainless steel grades 444 can also be used for metal magnesium metallurgical furnace and mechanical processing parts.

400 series wire:
Electrical shafts, standard parts, drawing, wire, special shape of the knife, fork, spoon, and stainless steel clean ball, screen and so on.

400 series of welded pipe:
Automobile exhaust pipe, the oil industry tubing, casing, accessories and so on.

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