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About the process benchmark and process flow of precision mechanical parts processing

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The process of parts processing is the process of directly changing the appearance of raw materials to make them semi-finished or finished products. This process is called process flow. It is the benchmark for parts processing and precision mechanical parts processing. The process is more complicated.

The machining process benchmarks of precision mechanical parts can be divided into categories according to different processes: casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly, etc. It refers to the general term of the entire part’s CNC machining and machine assembly process. Others such as cleaning, inspection, equipment maintenance, oil seals, etc. are just auxiliary processes. The turning method changes the surface properties of raw materials or semi-finished products. The CNC machining process in the industry is the main process.

The process benchmarks for precision mechanical parts processing include positioning benchmarks, which are used by lathes or fixtures when CNC lathes are processed. Measurement benchmark, this benchmark usually refers to the size or location standards that need to be observed during inspection. Assembly datum, this datum usually refers to the standard of the position of the parts during the assembly process.

The processing of precision mechanical parts requires the production of high-quality and stable products. In order to achieve this goal, the staff must have rich experience in mechanical processing and excellent technology. As we all know, mechanical processing is a delicate work and must have excellent technical skills. Do it well.

Secondly, whether the machining process of precision mechanical parts is standardized also determines whether the product is of high quality. Production and management must require a set of perfect processes, and the process is for the production of perfect products. Third, we must pay attention to communication in the production process. Whether it is node time or when there are problems, we must strengthen communication. Communication between processing plants and equipment manufacturers is an important condition for processing automation equipment parts.

When precision mechanical parts are processed, digital program-controlled contour systems are widely used on milling machines, including a simple, reliable, and inexpensive phase system with a wide range of process capabilities. These systems are used by many factories, especially to control the processing of precision mechanical parts with large three-dimensional profiles.

The correct preparation of control programs is one of the main conditions to ensure the quality of precision mechanical parts. For digital program control phase systems, the preparation of the control program is carried out by the automatic program preparation system, and its quality level depends to a large extent on Prepare the price of the control program.

Others are machining errors caused by manual control of equipment. These errors include accidental errors and systematic errors of the process system. System errors play a major role in all machining errors. For the processing of precision mechanical parts as a whole, it will cause a series of numerical control process systems. error. For example, there is a gap. The consequences of a gap are like the insensitive belt in the transmission chain of a machine tool, but it does not include the reverse transmission chain gap and the amplification factor of unstable transmission.

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