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Advantages of Flat Rack Containers

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As China’s machinery and equipment industry is moving toward internationalization, the unprecedented development boom of machinery and equipment has promoted people’s awareness of flat rack containers! So, what are the advantages and characteristics of the popular flat rack container? 

First, loading and unloading goods is convenient.

Whether the loading of a container is simple or not directly determines the efficiency of transporting goods. Ordinary containers are sealed on all sides and are not conducive to loading and unloading goods, while flat rack containers have no side plates and top plates. The loading and unloading of goods from the side can greatly improve the handling rate of workers. 

Second, the weight is high.

The flat rack container uses the world’s leading new steel, which can reach 2.3 times the weight of ordinary steel. It can load more goods than ordinary containers, greatly reducing transportation costs and time costs. Therefore, it has been recognized and favored by the industry. 

Advantages of Flat Rack Containers

Third, good ventilation and convenient storage.

Compared with the ordinary container, flat rack container, the non-sealing property guarantees the circulation of air and provides fresh air. It is especially suitable for loading oxygen-dependent goods such as livestock, flammable materials, flowers and plants. The flat rack container is not only practical but also convenient to store. When storing, the frame can be folded into a flat container to increase the space utilization of the warehouse. Therefore, people have been welcomed and investors are rushing to buy. 

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Advantages of Flat Rack Containers

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