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Airtight cast aluminum alloy

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Cast aluminum alloy that can withstand the action of high-pressure gas or liquid without leakage. Used to manufacture high-pressure valves, pump housings and other parts and components working in high-pressure media.

The air tightness of cast aluminum alloys is mainly related to factors such as alloy composition, structure and die casting process. Among cast aluminum alloys, aluminum-silicon alloys containing 5% to 13% Si have high gas resistance due to their small crystallization temperature range, good fluidity, small shrinkage and small tendency to produce looseness, pores and cracks. confidentiality. Al-(10~13)%Si alloy with close to eutectic composition has the best air tightness.

Chinese brands ZLl02, ZLl04, and ZLl05 aluminum-silicon alloys belong to the airtight cast aluminum alloy category. Their airtightness and related physical properties are as shown in the table. When casting, the condensation speed is large and the crystal structure is fine, so the air tightness is high; the air tightness of metal mold die casting is better than that of sand mold castings.

In addition, strengthening the purification treatment of the melt and adding a small amount of grain refiner can help improve the air tightness of cast aluminum alloys.

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