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What is 2344 steel? What are the applications of 2344 steel?

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Steel ingot: heating temperature 1180~1200°C, start temperature 1130~1150°C, end temperature ≥850°C, pit cooling.

stainless steel machining billet: heating temperature 1120~1160°C, starting temperature 1070~1110°C, ending temperature ≥850°C, sand cooling or slow cooling. Annealing temperature: (850±10)°C, holding for 2 hours, cooling to (720±10)°C in the furnace, holding for 4 hours, cooling in the furnace to below 500°C, air cooling after exiting the furnace, hardness ≤229HBW. Tempering temperature (730 ±10)°C, heat preservation for 2 hours, furnace cooling temperature ≤500°C, air cooling after discharge. Quenching temperature 850 ~ 880°C, oil cooling, hardness 50 ~ 52HRC; Tempering temperature 580 ~ 640°C, air cooling out of the furnace, hardness 28 ~ 36HRC Heating temperature 860 ~ 900°C, oil cooling, tempering temperature 570 ~ 70O°C , air cooling, tempering hardness 28~35HRC.

American AISI standard grade H13, German DIN standard material number 1.2344. It has good wear resistance at both high and low temperatures, excellent toughness and ductility, stable and excellent processability and polishability, excellent high temperature strength and thermal fatigue resistance, excellent hardenability, and very little heat treatment Size changes. 1) Density: 7.31g/cm. 2) Linear expansion coefficient: temperature 18 ~100°C/18 ~200°C/18 ~300°C/18 ~400°C/18 ~500°C/18 ~600°C/18 ~700°C, linear expansion coefficient 11.9 10K/12.20 10K/12. 5010K/12. 81 10K/13.11 10K/13.4110K/13.7110K3) Elastic modulus: (20°C) 212000MPa, shear modulus (room temperature) is 825000MPa, Poisson’s ratio 0.2884) Heat Conductivity: Temperature 20℃/100℃/200°C/300°C/400°C, thermal conductivity 36.0 [W/ (m·K)] /33.4[W/ (m·K)]/31.4[W / (m·K)]/30.1[W/ (m·K)]/29.3[W/ (m·K)] Annealed 190HB 2344

Characteristics of mold steel ms1: Good thermal conductivity, high thermal strength, easy to cut, high temperature wear resistance, high toughness and high ductility. It is suitable for die-casting molds, aluminum-magnesium alloy nozzles, ejector pins and other molds with insufficient water cooling. Examples of typical applications are as follows:

1) Suitable for die-casting molds and hot forging dies that require long service life.
2) For use in light metal die-casting dies as well as light metal aluminum, zinc and heavy metal extrusion dies.
3) Used for punches and shearing tools.
4) Used in plastic molding molds. 2344 steel basic style round material flat material

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