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Aluminum is the most common metallic element on Earth; therefore it is the most widely used non-ferrous metal. Aluminum beverage cans are taking a special place in our hearts. Once mentioned, the image of icy coke/sprite can appears in your mind. But have you ever wonder why aluminum is used for beverage cans?

So what are the features of aluminum that make it so popular? There are a number of advantages that you cannot pass by. First of all, aluminum cans are recyclable. What’s more, after being recycled, aluminum cans don’t have any quality loss. They can be recycled almost indefinite number of times.

Aluminum, used for cans, is a permanent material. Buying caned beverages we only using aluminum, but not consuming it. That is what making it a permanent resource.  Mass event’s organizers will definitely appreciate another quality of aluminum canes – they are unbreakable. They are also very light weighted and highly durable. Aluminum is not easily corroded, which allows to store it in different conditions and not to be worried. Light weight also reduces the transportation costs. You can be 100% sure, that the drink inside the can is completely fresh, if you here the characteristic sound when opening the can.

All along with a big numbers of advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you need to know. Aluminum industry`s carbon emissions are taken one of the first places comparing to any other industries. Producing of aluminum requires a huge energy input. Companies, specialized on aluminum production, spend over $2.3 billion annually only on energy costs. Some researchers suggest, that even small amount of BPA, contained in all canned beverages, may cause significant increase in blood pressure, which brings certain health risk.

Despite everything, aluminum cans market continue to grow. Manufacturers do their best to improve all the drawbacks, but time will tell. Shanghai Metal Corporation is China`s leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of aluminum products. We guarantee superior quality and best prices.

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