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Canada Cardboard Material Anchor Chain

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The monumental anchor chain was placed in the Guy Favreau complex. The usual anchor chain is very heavy, and in this project, the entire chain is made of cardboard, so it is light and easy to damage. This project is really like the public to show how the chain works in the immigration process, but also leads people to explore the unstable nature of the chain and the various state changes experienced in transporting guests. The project was designed by the French artist Sophie Cardin, who graduated from the Rennes School of Art and now lives in Montreal, where she specializes in project installation, sculpture and literature. Her work has been exhibited in France, Belgium and Russia. 

Canada Cardboard Material Anchor Chain

The project was presented at the ART SOUTERRAIN festival. In fact, ART SOUTERRAIN is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. Each year, the organization displays contemporary art schools, artists, and the city’s landscape cultural heritage in the underground city of Montreal. ART SOUTERRAIN Festival is a unique contemporary art festival in North America. It does not display various art works in traditional exhibition areas, but in more open places, aiming to make more people accessible to the art. In 2014, more than 100 artworks were placed on the road for 7.2 kilometers. It is not difficult to see that the purpose of this festival is still to make more artists appreciate good works of art and provide a close platform for the public. 

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Canada Cardboard Material Anchor Chain

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