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China is the number one copper producer in Asia

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China averagely produces 1.75 million tons of copper each year. As we know China not only produces copper but also metal, steel, nickel and etc. It was in January 2016 that China successfully 

recorded their position as the biggest producer of copper in Asia. This also made them the 2nd largest producer in the world, only behind Chile, whom they won’t be catching for a considerable 

amount of time, if ever, when you consider Chile produced 5.75MT last year.

China is the number one copper producer in Asia

Given the symbol CU, copper is the material most commonly used as a base for electrical wiring, this is because copper is a strong conductor well and it is flexible, allowing it to be rolled up, folded 

up or generally adjusted to most required shapes. Aside from being a conductor for electricity cables, Copper is also used in piping, industrial machinery, and even as a nutritional supplement and 

fungicides in agriculture.

Copper continues to play it’s part as an integral part of everyday human life, especially when you consider informational technology (computers use copper) is maintaining its meteoric rise.  

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