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In order to understand the operational status of copper bars production enterprises, this week the research team conducted a follow-up survey of 10 production enterprises in Month of 8 and 9. Among, 3 large enterprises have annual production capacity more than ten thousand tons o (average output of 4001 tons); 4 medium-sized enterprises with annual production capacity between one thousand ton and ten thousand tons (the average output of 698 tons); 3 medium enterprises annual production capacity less than one thousand tons (the average output of 158 tons).
Operating rate was essentially flat, the average operating rate was 36.01% comparing with last month (July total average operating rate of 37.18%) fell by nearly 1 percentage points. Therefore, the copper bars industry is still remain weak this year and expected to stabilize. The trend of copper enterprises has been basically established, the latter has been dominated by the weak, no signs of improvement. The main impact factors are two: on the one hand the weak demand is still continuing, the lack of large projects in the market, so that business orders are very limited, the operating rate is only drop does not rise is the norm. On the other hand is a serious shortage of funds, the main reason is money return difficult for the enterprise, profit space reduction is serious. In order to reduce the financial risks, some large enterprises have been temporarily shut down, and the small enterprise is doomed because the fund had to drag down closed end. According to the survey, businesses have said that it’s the most difficult this year, almost no market prosperity and has been in a weak state for a long time. Businesses have also been downhearted only maintain the status and average operating rate.
Recently, announced import and export trade data for September, last three consecutive months to weaken. In September, 340 thousand tons of importation is significantly lower than last year’s 455 thousand tons. China’s copper trade shrinks downstream overall consumption into the off-season.

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