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Corrosion from metal cutting fluids

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Cause of corrosion: The proportion of concentrated liquid in the cutting fluid is low. The pH value of the cutting fluid is too high or too low.

For example, when PH>9.2, it will corrode cnc turning aluminum. Therefore, the appropriate pH value should be selected according to the metal material. Contact with dissimilar metal materials. Use paper or wood to support the work piece. Components are stacked.

The number of bacteria in the cutting fluid exceeds the standard. The humidity of the working environment is too high. Solution: To prevent corrosion, use pure water to prepare cutting fluid, and the proportion of cutting fluid should be used according to the recommended value in the instructions of the laser cutting brass fluid used. Use anti-rust fluid when necessary. Control the number of bacteria and avoid the occurrence of bacteria.

Check the humidity and pay attention to controlling the humidity of the working environment within the appropriate range. Avoid contamination of cutting fluid. Avoid contact with dissimilar materials, such as aluminum and steel, cast iron (containing magnesium) and copper, etc.

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