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Discussion on Metal Balance of Titanium Processed Materials

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Titanium balance management is a comprehensive basic management work reflecting the level of enterprise technology, management and testing. In order to reflect the production situation in a timely manner and make reasonable planning adjustments based on the actual production situation, factory personnel should regularly inspect and analyze production materials and finished products to meet the balance between input and output reflected in the metal balance report. Inventory data comes directly or indirectly from the production site, so it can directly reflect the production situation, which is of great significance for subsequent modeling analysis, production planning optimization, configuration scheduling, etc. By discussing the form and compilation method of metal balance, the above problems can be effectively avoided in actual production. Several issues to pay attention to in actual work:

  • (1) The so-called metal balance sheet compiled by some companies is just to calculate the yield index and meet the needs of higher-level reports. The ins and outs of the data cannot be seen, and it has no effect on the internal management of the company.
  • (2) The index relationship is not clear, and the calculation method is incorrect. Some include returned products and work-in-progress in the input volume, and some use all output (including finished products, semi-finished products, waste products, scrap, etc.) as output. This method is not a big problem in the balance sheet of income and expenditure, but it does not work in the balance of input and output. When compiling a metal balance sheet, one should not be balanced for the sake of numerical equality, but also pay attention to the economic significance and internal relationship of each indicator.
  • (3) The indicator name is inaccurate. Names such as receiving, buying, income, input, paying, transferring, output, consumption, consumption, etc. are used confusingly. The reason for the indistinguishable waste is that there is a prominent problem in the original record of titanium processing and production. Is it the waste loss caused by the processing technology or the cutting loss inevitably generated by the process technology? It is difficult to ascertain what proportion it accounts for and what the changes are.

Because the reason is unclear, no analysis can be made, and no effective improvement measures can be proposed. This is not only a problem with the original record system, but the more important reason is that it belongs to the enterprise’s production management problem. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a scientific and reasonable metal balance system for titanium processing materials. To effectively promote this work, it must be carried out in conjunction with the corporate management reform, so that the metal balance is established on the basis of institutional support, constraints, and incentives.

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