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Everything You Need To Know About Galvanization

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Everything You Need To Know About Galvanization

Galvanization is the process of applying a thick coat of protective zinc to an article of steel or iron to help prevent it from rusting or corrosion. There are several types of methods of galvanization, but one of the most common methods is known as hot-dip galvanizing. During this process, the articles of steel are coated in a bath of molten zinc. There are three main steps in this process. The first step is surface preparation. During this step, the goal is to clean the article of steel and to remove any excess residue and oxides that were on the surface. This is the most crucial step because if it is not cleaned appropriately, the zinc will not be able to react properly with the surface. Once the surface been cleaned, the next step is galvanizing the article of steel. During galvanization, a diffusion process is taking place between the steel and zinc. This process lasts no more than ten minutes. Lastly, the article of steel is then taken to post-treatment where they help enhance and protect the coat. Once the process is over, one will be able to notice visible crystallites which are known to be “spangles”. Spangles can range from very minute crystallites to very large ones.

Everything You Need To Know About Galvanization


         Galvanization is very common among industries and can be found on many steel products you encounter in your everyday life. Compared to many other steel protecting processes, galvanization is one of cheapest solutions. Through the years, steel articles that have been galvanized require very little maintenance. A product that has been galvanized will be protected for over 25 years. In the long run, galvanization is the most flexible and economic way to protecting steel. Galvanization, especially hot-dip galvanization will produce a coat that will have a greater resistant towards damageThis process is also considered to be very simple, reliable, and predictable. While being a very straight forward and quick process. It also provides complete protection over the whole article of steel, it does not miss any crevices or corners. 

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