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High temperature synthetic heat transfer oil product performance index

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FABLE heat transfer oil is a high-performance product used in closed indirect heating devices. It is formulated from highly refined base oil. It has the performance of resistance to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation, good heat transfer efficiency, and its viscosity characteristics make it easy to pump at startup and operating temperature, and its thermal stability is very good. The service life is extremely long, and there will be no seed fouling or viscosity increase during use. It is recommended to be used in closed and open cold stamping oil sealed indirect and cooling systems for various industrial processes. Its good quality conforms to the international ISO6743/12  and DIN51502  standard specifications.

Features and uses

  • 1. Proper viscosity: low-viscosity heat transfer medium is conducive to achieving high heat transfer coefficient under turbulent flow, and has good pumpability at low temperatures, making the pumping device easy to start.
  • 2. Higher specific heat and thermal conductivity, in order to obtain higher thermal efficiency.
  • 3. Excellent high and low temperature performance and excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics: viscosity changes little with temperature, good low-temperature fluidity, high flash point and combustion point, high thermal decomposition temperature, which can meet the use temperature of 300 ℃ in the pipeline, boiler The heating system requires high temperature use above 400℃, and it has super flame resistance.
  • 4. Good chemical and thermal stability, very low volatility, good thermal oxidation stability, and extremely long service life.
  • 5. Good radiation resistance and adaptability to rubber seals.

Suitable for open or closed oil heating systems (oil grain furnaces, oil heat exchangers, oil heating tubes and oil flow thermostats, etc.) as heat transfer oil. Sealed heat transfer system with oil temperature not exceeding 350.

Typical data


Flash point°C

pour point°C

Viscosity mm2/s40°C

Viscosity Index


Viscosity grade
















Remarks: The above technical data is the average of the current product test results, which may be affected by limited errors in production. We reserve the right to modify the data.

Precautions for packaging and storage:

First of all, make sure that the temperature of the heat transfer oil does not exceed 50 degrees when the machine is stationary and cold;

Secondly, unscrew the oil drain plug at the bottom of the gearbox, and use a bucket to catch the waste oil until the drain port leaks out;

Then flush the gearbox with new oil, then screw on the oil drain plug, and add new oil to the specified liquid level;

Packing specifications: 18 liters/barrel or 200 liters/barrel

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