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Hoods and flues

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Hoods and flues are devices that collect, conduct and cool flue gases. The fume hood of the unburned method is a cylindrical component made of welded steel pipes, and warm water is passed through the tube for cooling; the fume hood is above the furnace mouth and is divided into a movable hood and a fixed fume hood. The movable fume hood can be lifted up and down. After the fume hood is lifted, the converter can tilt freely, and operations such as mixing molten iron, adding scrap steel, tapping steel, pouring slag, sampling, and repairing the furnace can be performed. The diameter of the mask skirt under the movable hood is slightly larger than the converter mouth. After the fume hood is lowered at the beginning of blowing, the opening of the secondary venturi throat is adjusted to control the slight positive pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fume hood at the furnace mouth, which not only prevents a large amount of furnace gas from escaping and worsening the operating environment in front of the furnace, but also It also prevents the inhalation of cold air from reducing the quality of recovered gas. At each stage of blowing, adjust the gap between the fume hood and the furnace mouth as needed. The movable hood and the fixed hood are connected through a water seal, and the lifting and lowering of the movable hood can be driven by electricity or hydraulic transmission. The fixed hood is divided into upper and lower parts, which are sealed by sand sealing or nitrogen gas. When replacing the furnace lining, move the lower part of the fixed fume hood out of the furnace mouth to facilitate lining construction and maintenance. The fixed fume hood is provided with a bulk material feeding hole and an oxygen lance and auxiliary lance insertion hole. The feeding hole and the insertion hole are sealed with nitrogen.

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