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Selection of line energy during welding

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During production, according to different material compositions, on the premise of ensuring good weld formation, appropriately adjusting the welding process parameters and welding with appropriate line energy can ensure good performance of the welded joints.

For example, when welding parts are assembled and tack welded, due to the short length of the weld, small cross-sectional area, and fast cooling rate, the weld is easy to crack, especially for some steel types with a greater hardening tendency. In this case, a larger size should be selected. Weld with high linear energy to prevent the weld from cracking.

However, for low-alloy steel and low-temperature steel with higher strength levels, the linear energy must be strictly controlled, because an increase in linear energy will lead to a decrease in the plasticity and toughness of the welded joint.

Especially when welding austenitic stainless steel, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the welded joint, small current and fast welding process parameters must be used to keep the line energy at the lowest value.

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