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IMIDRO confirms to continue 12 half-finished mining projects

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[Ferro-Alloys.wiki] Chief of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) Vajihollah Jafari stated that his association will finish 12 half-finished mining industry ventures by the end of the ongoing Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2023).

On Saturday, IRNA mentioned in a report that, as stated by Jafari, the valued amount of finances made in the named ventures is USD1.403 billion and they are going to supply direct employment for 2,887 people where indirect jobs are going to be produced for at least 7,599 people.

The ventures are in numerous fields such as copper, steel, lead, zinc, ferrochrome, coal, hydrated lime, as well as phosphate, Jafari stated.

The official mentioned that four of the stated ventures are connected to the copper chain, two are going to go operational in the steel chain, some mines will also be revived and several infrastructure ventures are going to also be inaugurated.

As the main state-owned property firm active in the mining area in Iran, IMIDRO has been playing a major role in improving the mining industry in the nation.

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