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Introduction to stamping

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Stamping is a processing method. The blanks are mainly plates, strips, pipes and other profiles. Stamping equipment is used to obtain the required shape and size of the parts through the action of the mold. Materials, molds and equipment are the three elements of stamping. Stamping processing requires the processed materials to have high plasticity and toughness, low yield ratio and aging sensitivity. Generally, the elongation of carbon steel is δ≥16%, the yield ratio σs/σb≤70%, and the low alloy High strength steel δ≥14%, σs/σb≤80%. Otherwise, the stamping forming performance will be poor, and certain measures must be taken in the process, thereby increasing the manufacturing cost of the parts. Mold is the main process equipment for metal stamping processing. The surface quality, dimensional tolerance, productivity and economic benefits of stamping parts are closely related to the mold structure and its reasonable design. According to the combination of stamping processes, they are divided into: single-process simple mold, multi-process continuous mold and composite mold. Stamping equipment mainly includes mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. In mass production, high-speed presses or multi-station automatic presses should be used as much as possible; in small-batch production, especially in the production of large thick plate stamping parts, hydraulic presses are often used.

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