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Drawing is a metal plastic processing method in which the blank is pulled through a tapered die hole to reduce the cross-section to obtain products with precise dimensions and smooth surfaces. Drawing is usually performed at room temperature and is a cold process.

Drawing above room temperature and below recrystallization temperature is called warm drawing, which is a warm process. Drawing is the main processing method besides rolling among metal plastic processing methods, and is used for the deep processing of rolled products such as wire rods, pipes and profiles.

Wires with a diameter less than 5mm can only be processed by drawing (see wire drawing). For small-diameter pipes, hot-rolled pipes are often drawn and reduced in diameter and wall to produce cold-drawn finished products (see cold-rolled and cold-drawn pipes).

The purpose of cold drawing of profiles is to improve the dimensional accuracy of the product, reduce surface roughness, increase strength and save metal (see cold drawing of profiles).

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