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Main Features of Reefer Container

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Main features of reefer container

A refrigerated container is a container that has a certain thermal insulation performance, can maintain a certain low temperature, and is specially designed for 

refrigerating storage and transportation of various foods. As shown below.

Refrigerated containers must be strong enough to withstand harsh transport conditions, and their refrigeration units must meet the following requirements:

Fully automatic heating, cooling and defrosting;
It can be driven independently or connected to an external power supply;
According to the requirements of loading food, the temperature can be adjusted within a certain range, and the temperature deviation is small;
High impact strength and good vibration resistance;
The ventilation system can provide about 50m3/h of fresh air per square meter of reefer container volume;
The relative humidity of the air is 85% to 95% to prevent drying.

As far as the refrigeration system is concerned, the reefer container is equivalent to a single room or an assembled refrigerator in a small refrigerator, mostly 

air-cooled condensing unit, which adopts direct air cooling, and the temperature adjustment range of the box is large, generally can be maintained at -18 ° C 

~ – 12 ° C.

Main Features of Reefer Container

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