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Measures aim to promote coal transport by road

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[Ferro-Alloys.wiki]  To guarantee energy supplies this winter and spring, China's transport regulator issued a notice on Thursday to promote the transport of coal for power generation by road.

It said inspection of the road network needs to be promoted to ensure the efficient operation of vehicles carrying coal to power plants.

Transport operators will also be urged to improve coordination to ease traffic flows on main coal transportation routes.

Freeway tolls gates will be encouraged to open a separate lane for trucks carrying coal to allow them to pass through more quickly, and the installation of electronic fee payment technology on trucks will also be encouraged so they don't have to stop at toll gates.

The notice also called for the improvement of emergency response capabilities, including planning and the carrying out of drills.

It said improved cooperation between transport operators and weather departments is also needed, and they should make plans to cope with extreme weather such as heavy fog or strong gales in winter.

Transport regulators in neighboring provinces should draw up cooperation plans to handle emergencies, such as major traffic accidents, large-scale bad weather and severe road disasters and accidents involving bridges and tunnels, it said.

The notice also called for the strengthening of information collection, analysis and reporting during major emergencies. When bad weather disrupts road transport, alternative routes should be offered to those transporting coal.

Ministry of Transport spokesman Liu Pengfei told a news conference on Tuesday that local governments should not restrict the movement of trucks that meet epidemic control requirements.

With some road sections having been blocked for epidemic prevention and control, Liu said provinces should strengthen wikimunication and coordination, and ensure smooth and orderly road transportation on major coal transport routes and at interprovincial borders by taking measures such as providing convenient nucleic acid testing services for truck drivers.

A special ministry working group to coordinate energy transportation is on duty 24 hours a day to handle emergencies.

Source:China Daily

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