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Physical phenomena when titanium bar processing

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The cutting force of titanium alloy bar is only slightly higher than that of steel of the same hardness.

Why do we think titanium alloy is a difficult material to process? Because of the lack of understanding of its processing mechanism

Physical phenomena when titanium bar processing

Most titanium alloys have very low thermal conductivity, only 1/7 of steel and 1/16 of aluminum. Therefore, in the process of cutting of titanium alloy heat will not quickly passed to the artifact or taken away by chip, and agglomeration in cutting area, the temperature can be as high as 1 000 ℃ above, make the cutter blade quickly wear, cracks, and generate the devolop tumor, rapid wear of the blade, and make the cutting area produces more heat and further shorten the life of cutting tools.

The high temperature produced in the cutting process destroys the surface integrity of titanium alloy parts at the same time, resulting in the reduction of geometric accuracy of parts and the serious reduction of their fatigue strength.

The elasticity of titanium alloy bar may be beneficial to the performance of parts, but the elastic deformation of the workpiece is an important cause of vibration during the cutting process. Cutting pressure causes the "elastic" workpiece to leave the tool and rebound, thus making the friction between the tool and the workpiece greater than the cutting effect. The friction process also generates heat, aggravating the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy.

This problem is more serious when processing thin-walled or ring-shaped parts. It is not easy to process titanium alloy thin-walled parts to the expected size accuracy. As the workpiece material is pushed by the tool, the local deformation of the thin wall has exceeded the elastic range and produced plastic deformation, and the material strength and hardness of the cutting point have increased significantly. At this point, according to the original determined cutting speed processing becomes too high, further leading to sharp tool wear.

"Heat" is difficult to process titanium alloy bar"culprit"!

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