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Polyethylene (PE) – The Most Important Plastic

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Polyethylene (PE) – The Most Important Plastic

Dating back to the 50s, a German and Italian chemists were the ones who first introduced polyethylene. Polyethylene, also known as PE, is the most common as well as important forms of plastic used among many consumers today. Its main components are comprised of both polymers and ethylene, but depending on its use, several other elements can be added. Polyethylene is known to be high in ductility and able to withhold large impacts without deforming.


Polyethylene is the main substrate for most plastic goods and will be found in a vast majority of plastic products. The uses of polyethylene can range depending on which density group they may fall into. Polyethylene is generally categorized into high and low density polyethylene, and within those groups are more specific groups. High density polyethylene will generally include the thicker plastic containers, trash bags and trash cans, cartons, etc.. Higher density polyethylene is moderately stiffer and sturdier and is able to hold its shape longer. Low  density polyethylene include plastic bottles, packaging film, poly stock bags, and many more. These products tend to be much lighter and are much more malleable compared to high density products. Polyethylene also comes in several types of plastic films which are used as a buffer or protection within the workforce.

Polyethylene (PE) – The Most Important Plastic


Polyethylene is one of the most versatile plastics out on the market today. It attracts many customers due to the fact that it can accompany their needs in several ways. Polyethylene has many different physical properties that allow it to withstand various different environments. It can withstand hard conditions such as high and low temperatures. It has the ability to become fireproof, flammable, waterproof, soft, hard, opaque, translucent, etc.. Along with the many uses that polyethylene offers, it is also a very inexpensive product. Most polyethylene products also have the ability to be recycled an is capable of protecting contents from harmful agents. It is a very flexible material that comes with many benefits and uses that make it impossible for humans to live without.


Manufactured in the mainland of China, Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a selection of different types of polyethylene film. Polyethylene film will ensure superb protection on whatever the consumer chooses to use it with. Common uses include protection for the flowing, counter tops, window films as well as roofing. Shanghai Metals even produces specialized films offered for car protection as well as carpet protection.

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