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Precautions for trial rolling

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The main precautions for trial rolling are:

1) In accordance with the main motor starting and quality management system and rolling mill operating technical operating procedures, notify relevant positions to achieve safe starting and safe operation.

2) Add cooling water before operation, and after a period of idling, check whether the rolling mill is operating normally, check whether the temperature rise of various bearings is normal, and whether there are any abnormal phenomena such as overheating and deformation.

3) Prepare trial rolling materials in advance, tap steel at a slow speed, and do not roll rolling stock below the 3d printing high temperature plastic materials to avoid causing the main motor to trip or the safety device to be damaged.

4) During the trial rolling process, measure the size of each red billet and check whether the size is correct and whether the surface quality is good according to the adjustment chart. Normal production can be entered only after passing the trial rolling.

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