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Slow wind operation

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Slow wind blowing is a blast furnace operation method that reduces blast furnace productivity and pressure in the furnace, allowing the blast furnace to operate in a reduced wind state.

Situations that require slow air operation include: serious leaks in the air supply system, gas cleaning system or blast furnace body, or severe damage to the tuyere, slag port, or iron port and the need to reduce the pressure in the furnace; equipment failure or changes in external conditions that cause the blast furnace to temporarily Unable to feed material, slag, and iron; the gas cleaning system fails and cannot receive gas normally; the furnace temperature is extremely cold or the furnace condition is seriously abnormal, etc.

The amount of wind reduction depends on need. The production and gas management departments and the blower operating room must be notified before air reduction. The operating procedure is: change the high-pressure operation to normal pressure operation; reduce the air with the blower or use the air release valve next to the furnace to release air. The wind should not be reduced or released too fast, and the air vents should be carefully observed to prevent slag filling. Especially before tapping, the risk of slag filling is greater. When reducing the air volume, the amount of fuel injection should be reduced accordingly.

The furnace temperature tends to be hot during slow air operation, and the air temperature or blast humidity needs to be adjusted accordingly. If the slow wind 3d printer operation lasts for a long time, it is necessary to stop the wind (see wind break and resume wind) to block part of the air outlet or add a circle inside the air outlet to maintain the appropriate wind speed.

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