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SMU Analysis of the New Galvanized Coating Extras

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 9:45 PM Written by Brett LintonPublished in Galvanized.

Over the past few weeks all of the domestic galvanized steel mills have made adjustments to their zinc coating extras due to the higher costs related to spot pricing for the metal. Zinc is the key ingredient applied 

to steel substrate to produce galvanized and galvannealed products. If you would like to learn more about coating extras and information about the flat rolled steel industry, we recommend that you register for a 

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Steel Market Update (SMU) decided to provide our readers an analysis of the various galvanized steel coating extras in a slightly different way. We wanted to show you the mills who extras vary from one another 

and those who are using extras which are produced by another mill (such as USS or Nucor). We want to point out that the AM Dofasco extras are in Canadian dollars vs. AM USA which are referenced in US dollars.

The higher extras in Canada take into account the difference in the value of the Canadian dollar vs. that of the U.S. currency. There were changes to California Steel extras but they are still well below those of 

the other domestic mills – especially for light gauge steel with heavier coating weights like the G90 shown below.

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