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Stainless Steel in Petroleum Industry

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Petro–chemical industry with its own production of some of the features, such as its operating temperature range, low-temperature conditions up to -196℃, temperatures can reach more than 500℃; operating pressure there is external pressure, vacuum, atmospheric pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high pressure (more than 100MPa). In addition, the operating environment in the medium complexity, such as the existence of corrosion, wear and tear, and flammable, explosive, toxic and other solid, gaseous, liquid and a variety of mixed media chloride, sulfide and other salt category. 

Therefore, the petrochemical industry in the use of stainless steel the requirements of stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, including anti-chloride, sulfide and other corrosive salts; resistant to high temperature and low temperature performance. Among them, the petrochemical plant at 500~600℃, the equipment and pipe materials in general to choose a variety of austenitic stainless steel has been widely used; and for oil exploration, the development of the field of stainless steel with anti-called carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide corrosion properties. At present, China’s crude oil exploration, development is mainly used in 3Cr, 9Cr, 13Cr, super 13Cr and containing more than Cr22 stainless steel thick-walled, non-magnetic drill collar and drill pipe.

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