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Stainless steel water tank

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With the rapid development of society, stainless steel tank is widely used in hotels, residential buildings, food industry, healthcare industry and electronic industry. Compared with glass or FRP tank, Stainless Steel tank has many advantages, cost-effective solution, excellent strength, free combination, easy to clean, no rust, no green moss, no leakage, etc.

Stainless steel tank is one mainly used to storage clean water for domestic use. Some users store solvents for chemical applications or other usage. But strong corrosive liquids are forbidden to be stored in tank. For long life-span purpose, tank needs regular cleaning and maintaining in daily use.

We, Shanghai Metal Corporation, offer superb stainless steel tanks to users all over the world. High-quality raw materials are selected to fabricate various types of tank with different manufacturing equipments and welding technology. When production is finished, full water test is a must to ensure its high sealing performance. For rectangular type, the volume ranges from 1 m3~5000M3. Custom-made tank is also available per the customers’ requirements.

In addition, we also supply water tank accessories, which include inlet pipe, outlet pipe, overflow pipe, draining pipe, ventilation hole, maintenance hole, ladders, floater and water level meter, etc.

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We can also implement a proposed power factor correction project, structured to meet your needs. This process can be for equipment and engineering support only, or can include installation and commissioning (turnkey) services with a single-source responsibility.

Stainless steel water tank

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