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The Copper Industry Needs to Develop in the Direction of High Quality

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In 2018, although China’s consumption of copper is slowing down, China’s copper consumption still has a huge base. The various fields of China’s economic construction need the support of raw materials. According to the research data of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, it is expected that China’s apparent consumption of copper will reach 13.5 million tons in 2020, so copper is still an important industry supporting the development of the national economy.

In 2019, the task of structural reform of the supply side of China’s copper industry is still arduous: the pace of copper smelting capacity expansion is too fast, and the overall quality and efficiency of industrial development is not high enough; innovation drive is still a prominent shortcoming of industrial development, new development momentum Insufficient agglomeration, increasingly strict attitude environmental protection requirements, and a green road to industrial development have a long way to go; at the same time, there is still a long way to go in international capacity cooperation, smart manufacturing, new modes, new formats, and expanded applications.

The Copper Industry Needs to Develop in the Direction of High Quality

As a functional material, copper’s special physical and chemical properties are indispensable functional materials for supporting strategic emerging industries and national defense technology development. However, the demand for non-ferrous metal materials for strategic emerging industries and defense technology development is not quantity but quality. In the past, the development of the industry has placed large-scale in an important position, which has enabled the rapid expansion of the scale of Chinese copper enterprises and the rapid increase in industrial concentration. From the current development trend of new technological revolution and industrial transformation, the copper industry must adapt to the new era and not be eliminated by the historical tide. It must take the development path of intelligent and personalized manufacturing and continuously enhance its competitiveness. Constrained by the level of development, in the past, enterprises mainly focused on product quality and performance, and concerned about the environmental impacts of raw materials selection, production, sales, use, recycling and disposal during the whole life cycle of production and consumption of copper products. Not too high. However, with the gradual improvement of standard systems such as green factories, green mines, and green manufacturing, and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, we can maximize the use of resources throughout the copper life cycle, minimizing energy consumption and reducing pollutant generation and emissions. Minimize the disturbance to the environment, use less or no raw materials for toxic and hazardous substances, etc. This production enterprise adopting the green manufacturing standard system will not only have better development space, but also its products will be more competitive.

High quality development is not about speed, but quality. In the past ten years, China has occupied an absolute control position in the global demand for bulk raw materials. The economic growth of the industrialized countries has gradually decoupled from the consumption of mineral resources, and its demand has shown a trend of stability and even decline. Emerging market economies are small in size, although demand is growing fast, but not much. Therefore, about 70% to 80% of the new demand for many mineral resources in the global market is contributed by China. It can be said that China has driven the global non-ferrous metal market, and China’s market changes have affected the trend of the entire non-ferrous metal price. But now this pull effect is being weakened and the global market is looking for new levels of consumption growth.

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The Copper Industry Needs to Develop in the Direction of High Quality

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