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The development of steel structure reflects the economic

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Construction steel structure industry is embodied the development of China’s economic strength and the rapid development of science and technology level. In recent years, at the top heavy steel structure, large-span space steel structure, light steel structure, steel and concrete composite structure, steel structure residence of common development, driven by urban rapid economic development in our country.


These steel structures are widely used display and prove its charm, and the development of infinite space.


Heavy steel structure high-rise has become an important symbol of the city

High-rise steel structure building is a reflection of a country’s economic strength and technological level, also tend to be as an important landmark of the city.
High-rise building usually construction by part or full steel structure , high-rise building development embodies the level of construction technology, material industry in our country and the improvement of comprehensive technical level.


Construction steel structure opened a new chapter in urban development
Since the 1980 s has been built and under construction in high-rise steel structure in China is more than 80 building, a total area of about 6 million square meters, steel consumption of over ten thousand tons.
High-level, high-rise building floor and roof has a great deal of planar stiffness, vertical steel column and shear wall or cylinder is the plane of the component to resist lateral force, can make the steel column with the vertical component deformation coordination effect. Beijing and Shanghai new and high-rise steel structure has more than ten houses under construction.
Such as the Shanghai world financial center 101 floors, 492 meters high, with the amount of steel 65000 tons, Zhongguancun financial center construction area of 110000 square meters, height of 150 meters, 15000 tons of steel. In the future, the country each year will have 2 million square meters to 3 million square meters tall steel structure construction, steel quantity of about 450000 tons.



Large-span space steel structure sustainable development

In recent years, grid and shell spatial structure development rapidly, not only for civil construction, but also for industrial plants, terminals, stadiums, theaters, museums and so on.
Development space steel structure of the new material, new structure, new technology, new nodes, new technology, to realize the large span and wind and earthquake resistant engineering of large span spacesteel structure construction. Looking to the future, should be in focus, hotspot and difficulty of science and technology development and development of all kinds of new, applicable, beautiful space steelstructure, and in the use scope, structure, installation and construction methods, etc, are typical of Chinese architectural structure. Such as Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi ‘an, Changchun, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Jinan, Zhengzhou and other places of the terminal, hangar, convention and exhibition center, such as construction, use the round steel pipe, rectangular control as space truss, arch and cable-stayed space trussstructure, the novel and is characteristic of modern style make them become the center of city landmark buildings.



The development of steel structure reflects the economic



According to the China Steel Association statistics branch of the spatial structure grid and shell production has stabilized state, built 1500unit per year about 2.5 million square meters, 70,000 tons of steel, cable and membrane structures currently in the development stage , the amount is not large, experts estimated annual rate of 20% will increase. With the vigorous development of China’s economic constructionand the improvement of people’s living standards, according to the actual needs of the research, design, production and installation of 150-200 m in our country, even more than 200 meters of large-span steelstructure with ultra-span space.
Since entering the 1990 s, the development of steel structure building in China is very rapid, especially some representative city landmark high-rise buildings built, the development of steel structure in our country, opened a new page. As the world’s third high Economical and Trading tower has been completed now in operation. It is understood that the world’s first high Shanghai world financial center, a height of 460 meters, building area of 310000 square meters, now is stepping up its construction. Dalian President building by the foreign investment, are stepping up the construction of a total of 95, its height will be among the highest in the world when completed.


Steel and concrete composite structure is developing rapidly

Steel and concrete composite structure is to give full play to the steel and concrete, a reasonable combination of the two materials their respective advantages, not only has good static and dynamic performance, and can save steel, reduce the project cost and speed up the construction progress, at the same time, the environmental pollution is small, also the developing direction of building structure in our country.
Steel and concrete composite structures developed very rapidly in our country, which has been widely used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, electric power, transportation and other sectors of the building and enter the momentum of rapid and high-level bridge engineering, high-rise buildings.


Steel and concrete composite structure has been adopted in our country has built many large highway arch bridge, such as Guangzhou Ya temples sand bridge 360 meters long, Chongqing Wanzhou Yangtze riverbridge, the span 420 meters, the former for concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge, the latter for strength concrete filled steel tubular frame arch bridge. Built in the composite structure arch bridge has more than 300.
In high-rise building, completed all adopt the combination of the structure of the high-rise building, Shenzhen SEQ plaza building, 291.6 meters high, is the world’s highest steel and concrete composite structure. The country has been built using combination structure of the high-rise building has more than 40 units. 


Steel residential development trend

Steel housing with high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, construction speed, small size structural members, features a high degree of industrialization, while steel is reusable green materials, and therefore in line with national industrial policies steel housing promotional items. With the national disable restrictions on the use of solid clay hollow bricks and the introduction of policies to accelerate the process of the housing industry, actively promote steel housing system is imminent. However, China’s steel housing is still in the exploration infancy, such a system in the steel structure fire, there are many imperfections column joints approach slab form, matching wall materials, economic and market acceptable degree.


Therefore, give play to the advantages of steel structure housing, can improve the comprehensive benefits of housing: one is constructed of steel structure residence weight is about half of the reinforced concrete residential weight, can meet the need of housing are expounded, utilization rate is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete house. Second, good seismic performance, its ductility is better than that of reinforced concrete. From the earthquake investigation results at home and abroad, are the least number of steel structure residential building collapsed.


Three is the steel structure component, and all the wallpanel and related products produced in the factory, its quality is reliable, precise size, easy to install, easy to communicate and coordinate with related department, therefore, not only reduce the workload of the scene, but also shorten the construction period. Steel structure residential building site is essentially factory product assembly and integrated place, add a small amount can’t process project in the factory, in line with the requirements of industrialization. Four is the steel structure residence is environmental protection construction, recycling can be recycled, very little pollution, conform to promote the development of housing industrialization and save energy. 

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